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Second Circuit Court of Appeals: Connecticut Homeowners Insurance Policy Does Not Afford Coverage for Crumbling Concrete Basement Walls

In a previous entry, I referenced the many lawsuits filed by Connecticut homeowners involving crumbling concrete basement walls, in which homeowners seek coverage under their homeowner insurance policies for damage caused by deteriorating basement walls arising from hidden decay believed to be caused by defective concrete. On April 2, 2019,... Read more →

Issue of What Constitutes a “Collapse” Sent to Connecticut Supreme Court

There are more than fifty insurance cases pending in Connecticut courts against insurance companies arising from the denial of insurance claims under homeowner property policies for damage to homes due to defective concrete used in construction of the homes dating back to the late 1980s. The property damage claims arise... Read more →


Equitable subrogation is a common law doctrine that permits an insurance company which has paid its insured for a loss covered under an insurance policy to substitute itself for the insured and proceed against a third party for a loss caused by the third party. The doctrine of equitable subrogation... Read more →

Is an Insurer Obligated to Warn Policyholders of the Presence of Mold in Insured Premises?

I have had policyholders complain to me about the fact that an insurance company did not advise them about the scope of damage from a particular loss. Until recently, no Connecticut court had decided whether an insurance company has a duty to inform its policyholder of the presence of mold... Read more →

When is Property Damage Caused by Vandalism vs. Theft?

In a case of first impression in Connecticut, a Connecticut federal court recently addressed when property damage caused by intruders breaking into a building while stealing items from within the building constitutes damage from vandalism covered under a property policy versus damage from theft excluded under the policy. Mercedes Zee... Read more →